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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Just A Man

Given November 8, 2007
Many great things have been done by people who were just ordinary folks. I was reminded of one recently and the Holy Spirit brought him to mind again during my devotion time this morning. He is Ananias.

In Acts 9, we read the story of Saul's conversion to Paul. The Spirit of Jesus knocked Saul off his donkey, blinded him, then told him to get up and go into the city of Damascus and wait for further instructions. He waited there three days, (Acts 9: 1-9).

In the mean time, here's this believer Ananias, a regular guy, who was going about his daily business and the Lord called him in a vision. Ananias answered and Jesus told him to go pray for this guy who'd been throwing Christians in jail. He gave him the guy's name and the address where he was staying. Ananias was a little hesitant about confronting this bad dude, (aren't we just like that?), but the Lord said "Go" and Ananias went, (Acts 9: 10-17).

Here's the point: God had a plan, Ananias was chosen to perform a task in that plan, he did it, and went back to his regular life. We don't hear of him again. The Lord called, Ananias obeyed, God's plan was implemented, and the world was changed! Just for the obedience of one regular guy!

I'm sure Ananias didn't realize the impact his obedience would have. He probably went back to his wife and said something like, "Honey, you won't believe what just happened over on Straight Street". Indeed. But, what if Ananias had not obeyed? Would God have chosen someone else? But because he did obey, I imagine he and his family enjoyed overflowing blessings even though we didn't hear about it.

We are just regular people too and God could call us, (and probably has), to do something for Him. Notice, He didn't just call some bum off the street in Damascus; He called a believer. I want to be ready when God calls me. How about you?

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At 6:41 PM, Blogger Shaila D Touchton said...

God uses ordinary people who are willing to share this good news in extraordinary ways.


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