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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

In The Presence Of My Enemies, Part 2

Given May 4, 2006
"You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies. Psalm 23:5." I wrote about this topic a couple of months ago and the fact that this scene is on earth and not in Heaven. But I got a different view of this scripture the other day.

Picture this: Here I am, in trouble and my enemies are all around me. They're in a circle around me and closing in. I call out to God and He appears outside the circle and says, "Back off thugs! I've got something for my son Bill." Well, of course my enemies step aside trembling and let God into the circle. He sets up a table and chair, puts food and every good thing for me to enjoy, (1 Timothy 6:17) on it, and says, "Have a seat son."

Don't you know my fears are gone and I sit down to feast at the Father's table. But the good part is that my enemies are still around me but all they can do is stand and watch me be blessed by God! He didn't chase them away or destroy them. He just put a hedge of protection around me and made them stand there and watch!

If you're in the middle of "trouble" and you feel like your enemies are closing in on you, cry out to your Father in Heaven and He'll come and set a table for you. "...I shall fear no evil for Thou art with me." Psalm 23:4.


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