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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Guard Your Words

Given August 25, 2005
The other day, a delivery guy brought me a package and presented me with a receipt to sign. It didn't have my name on it, (it was my wife's), but I accepted it anyway and signed the receipt.

God showed me how similiar situations might play out in the spiritual realm. Satan is constantly trying to get you to give up on something you're believing for; to create doubt and make you say,"Oh, what's the use. This isn't going to work." If you say that, it's like signing the receipt and accepting the package of defeat! Don't do it! The Bible says, "You are snared with the words of your lips, you are caught by the speech of your mouth. Proverbs 6:2" Our words create the atmosphere in which we live. God created the universe by the words of His mouth. It says in Romans that God, "...speaks those things which are not as though they were." Romans 4:17.

We are made in the image of God and I believe we should talk like Him as well. The devil listens to what we say so we should never say things that would encourage him. Guard your words and speak words of faith. Don't give up and allow doubt to contaminate your faith.


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