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Monday, August 20, 2007

Stumbling Block

Given August 15, 2007
First, I'd like to apologize to any who've noticed I've not posted in awhile. Adjusting to retirement has had me extremely busy but I hope to be back to regular posting now.

I pray each morning for the Ministering Angels, (Psalms 91:11, Matthew 4:11, Hebrews 1:14), to give me and my family direction around dangerous obstacles. Recently, I took a load of tree limbs to the dump and one small log fell out of my truck onto the road. Cars were slowing down and maneuvering around the obstacle so as not to hit it and possibly damaging their car. If someone had not noticed the log, they may have had trouble.

It made me think that that small log would be a big problem to someone on a bicycle but nothing to a large truck. The obstacles the devil drops in our path can affect us in different ways. The key is what we're driving, so to speak. It's the condition of our lives that make the difference. Luke 10:19 says we can "trample on serpents and scorpions" and "nothing shall by any means harm us". If we're prayed up and strong, a little log thrown in our path by the devil will be nothing to us; we can trample it!

I remember when I drove a school bus and, around Halloween, kids on my road would put logs and debris in the road as a roadblock for a prank. If I was driving my small car, I'd have to get out, remove the debris, and go on as the kids laughed from their hiding place in the bushes. But when I was driving the big bus, I'd just run right over it and go on to the disgust of the perpetrators.

When the devil puts something in my path to deter me from what God's called me to do, I want to be in the big vehicle and run right over Satan's plans. It drives him crazy!

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