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Friday, December 15, 2006

Week Of Prayer 2

Special Edition
The week of prayer emphasis at our church, (see below), has been going great. Many people have been coming out at 6:00 AM each morning and at 7:00 PM to join others in unity to pray for specific needs in our community and in our individual lives. A new passion for prayer has awakened and we all feel something is stirring in the spirit realm.

An estranged adult son who has several problems in his life had a 90 minute visit with his parents. The mother has been involved in the prayer meetings. This is a major breakthrough for this family.

A young father testified that his wife passed her state board exam.

We were praying about our purpose in life this morning; that God would reveal what He has for each of us to do. Most of the people involved in today's prayer are doing several things already, working, in the church. The Holy Spirit reminded us not to get so involved in doing "church work" that we miss our purpose.

Our mid-week service attendance increased by about 70% this week. Something is happening and we expect great things to come about because of our focus on Father God and our communication with Him.


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