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Saturday, February 25, 2006

The Rock That Is Higher

Given February 24, 2006 and previous
I was reading my morning devotional on this Friday morning when God showed me one of those powerful visions that had tears running down my face. I read the scripture in Psalms, "lead me to the rock that is higher than I. Psalms 61:2" The devotion was speaking about when we're surrounded by swirling circumstances, we should "go to the rock" for relief.

I could see myself in a valley with difficult circumstances all around but I looked up and saw Jesus at the top of, like a cliff, beckoning me up, out of the mess. I immediately was reminded of another vision I received a couple of years ago of being in a peaceful, joyful valley and seeing jagged rocks on the cliff rising above. And there were people hung in among the rocks suffering. The revelation then was to realize that when things are going good for us, there are hurting people around that need our help.

In this vision, however, I'm the one in the place of trouble but I can see and hear the call to, "come up higher" to the place of safety. So, I start climbing up to the "rock that is higher than I." But....the climb is hard, the rocks are jagged and cutting, and, as in the other vision as I climb, I see those people stuck there crying out for help! I can't just pass them by as I climb to my place of safety so I stop to help. Then the part that made the tears flow. As I was helping those hurting people, I looked up at Jesus, standing on the rock, and He was nodding with pride and saying, "That's my boy."

Oh man! What a revelation! When we're in difficult circumstances, we need to look up and go to Jesus. The climb will be hard, maybe dangerous but while we're on the way, we need to look for others that we can help. While we're trusting Jesus and climbing out of our circumstances, we should help others along the way and take them to the rock with us!

I've heard it said that we're either in a trial, coming out of a trial, or about to go into a trial. let's look for others that we can help. We won't have to go out of our way to find them, they're in our way. Look!


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