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Sunday, January 15, 2006

We Need Help

I'm experimenting once again. Today, I'm posting a regular Revelation but I'm adding a link to an audio version as well. I find I like to read blog posts but sometimes I'd like to hear it too. We'll see how it goes. Please comment below with your thoughts. God bless you!

Given September 1, 2002 (Audio Version)
I stepped out on my porch on this beautiful Sunday morning and the birds and squirrels scattered and I was reminded that they share “my property” with me. God made it all and the animals have had use of the property since the beginning. However I, through Adam, was given dominion over it and over the animals too, (Genesis 1:26)

God takes care of the animals, (Matthew 6:26), by providing food and shelter on the land but I can help by planting nut trees, setting out bird seed, and building bird houses. When I jotted this revelation down on that day in September, I also made the note, “I’m not sure what God is telling me about this.”

This evening, I asked God what He meant when He showed me that revelation. After a few seconds, this is what I got:

God made the earth and everything in it and He takes care of the animals. Even though I can help by providing some food and shelter for them, they can get by fine without my help. They, can I say, automatically enter into and follow God’s plan for them. But mankind isn’t like that. We don’t automatically fulfill the plan God has for us. We have to choose.

Now granted, we have a much greater reward and God’s plan for us is better that His plan for the animals but we have to decide to take it. And that’s where each of us come in. Even though the birds and animals don’t need my help, my fellow human beings do. Some of them won’t make it if I don’t help. Some of them won’t know about the love of God if I don’t tell them or show them. And you know, some of them live on my property or the property next to mine. And some of them live on your property too.

You know, it’s easy to put some birdseed out but the birds don’t really need it. Your family, friends, and neighbors do need you though. Look around and see who you can “feed”. You probably already know.


At 10:26 AM, Blogger Jim Hoeft said...

Not bad!

I listened mainly to see how it turned out from a technical perspective, but the content wasn't all that bad either!

Trying to get this to work myself, I can appreciate how you were able to keep the "pffs" to a minimum (if you made the noise at all) -- you know, the sound that's made when the microphone is too close to your lips when you make a sound that requires a rush of air, like the letter "p".

You read at a good pace. Very easy to understand.

Technically, I only slightly noticed an electric hum. Is your microphone close to speakers or your monitor? Not noticeable enough to detract from the content however.

Nice job!


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