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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Get In The Light!

Given long ago
Something our pastor said this morning reminded me of a vision God gave me several years ago. I saw myself in a darkened area with a shaft of bright light shining down to my left. I was moving all around the area with my "busyness", (is that a word?), going from place to place doing "my" thing. The light represented the blessing of God and I wanted the light to chase me around in everything I was doing so I could be blessed.

God said it doesn't work like that. The light is stationery and, if I want to be in the blessing of God's light, I need to go to where the light is and get in it. To paraphrase Isaiah 30:21, There is the light, go get in it...

God has a plan and a pathway already laid out for us. We have to pray and study His Word to find out where the light is and...walk ye in it.


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